Vision & Mission

Our Vision

1. Providing ethical and value based education.
2. Nurturing a sustainable educational environment.
3. Building intellectual and imaginative minds.
4. Imparting high quality, affordable and accessible education.
5. Enhancing knowledge through global education and through the modern teaching aids.          . 6. Nurturing, harnessing and exploring the potential of the students with the principles of              including educational, social, cultural and spiritual awakening has yielded better employability amongst the students.

Our Mission

1. To cultivate knowledge, skills, values and confidence in the students to grow, thrive and prosper.
2. To instigate the spirit of leadership, integrity and deep sense of social justice in the mind of students.
3. To encourage and promote students to participate in various extracurricular and sport activities.
4. To enhance the commitment of faculties and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice and
democratic citizenship.
5. To establish global competence among thinking and positive spirits of the students
6. To provide specific need based education and training opportunities for continuous professional development and all-round education to each student through enjoyable and innovative curriculum by giving individual guidance to each student “Who is going to be a future citizen of India”.