Grievance Cell

 Grievance Redressal Mechanism is an integral part of any administration. An organization can claim to be accountable, responsive and accessible only if it has established a well-organized and effective grievance redress mechanism. Indeed, the grievance redress mechanism of an organization is the device to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it provides important feedback on the working of the administration. In our college we have online and offline grievance redress mechanism.


Grievance Appeal committeeGoverning Body
College grievance Redressal committeePrincipal,Associate manager,Vice principals,Concerned HoD,Administrative officer
Departmental Grievance Redressal committeeHODDepartment secretaryClass tutor

The committee will attend  the cases quickly  on receipt of  written compliant from the students. The members of the committee  have the authority to sort out the problem at their level through discussion with students. In case, the Department Redressal Committee fails to find out solution to the problem, the matter is  referred to the next level that is College Grievance Redressal Committee and sometimes considering the nature and depth of the grievance, inquiry is referred to the apex level i.e governing body of the college. The Grievance Redressal mechanism of Kamla P.G College  assures that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit provided by the cell.

The College has a Grievance Cell for students belonging to SC/ST/OBC as per the policy directive of the Government to ensure all necessary services to them. Students can lodge their complaints in written form and submit it to the principal office of the college or mail it to the college mail id.